55.39 - No pussycat

18 years old, distilled 26th September 1997, 56.5% abv, second-fill ex-sauternes hogshead, 276 bottles

SMWS 55.39 - No pussycatThe nose has stewed fruits - apples, pears, and hints of pencil erasers. The mouthfeel is thin, with no cling. The body has less fruit than the nose - ginger and cinnamon with a little more of that light rubber note. The finish has apples and ginger.

Water brings out huge whorling, spreading rapidly and settling into mottling. The nose now has more ginger, and hints of mulled wine. The body has a little more fruit - red apples - with less cinnamon. The finish is unchanged.

A decent dram for an aperitif.