5.57 - Strawberry summer flan

18 years old, distilled 8th March 1999, 52.4% abv, Second Fill Toasted Oak Hogshead, 88 bottles, dram price E

SMWS 5.57 - Strawberry summer flanThe nose has strawberries, almond croissants, and hints of peach and honey. The mouthfeel is good with no cling. The body has strawberries, peaches, plums, honey, and then a little bit of shortcrust pastry. The finish is strawberries and rosewater.

Water - which I must add I'm reluctant to add - brings out tight compact whorling that settles into brief mottling. The nose gains more of the strawberry and peach notes, and loses the almond croissants. (The honey remains.) The body gains a little ginger, and the strawberries are no longer fresh - they are strawberry chewitts. The finish gains a little ginger and cinnamon.

A superb dram for summer days. Or any other time.