64.100 - An old wine cellar by candle-light

29 years old, distilled 23rd November 1988, 47.1% abv, First-Fill Ex-Red Wine Barrique, 210 bottles, dram price H

SMWS 64.100 - An old wine cellar by candle-lightThe nose has apricots, milk chocolate and a hint of citrus sweetness - tangerines? The mouthfeel is decent and smooth but with no cling. The body has more of the citrus - mandarins, oranges, tangerines - along with a slight waxiness and some old oak furniture, then some cinnamon and cloves towards the finish. The finish itself has cinnamon and tangerines.

Water brings out thin, rapidly expanding whorling that settles into brief mottling. The nose gains more apricot and some old oak furniture, and loses the milk chocolate. The body gains more of the citrus and loses some of the old oak notes, with the cloves also disappearing. The finish is a little sweeter - more towards the tangerines than the cinnamon, and even having a hint of apricot.

This is a fine dram for summer evenings with friends.

Technical score: 5/5

Personal preference: I'd like more than one bottle.