64.74 - What afternoons are made for!

15 years old, distilled 5th March 2001, 57.6% abv, first-fill ex-bourbon barrel, 228 bottles

SMWS 64.74 - What afternoons are made for!The nose has icing sugar, lemon drizzle and a hint of apricot. The mouthfeel is decent, with a little cling. The body has custard, sponge cake, lemon, and a hint of ginger and oranges. The finish has lemon and ginger.

Water brings out thin, short-lived whorling that doesn't linger. The nose now has soft lemon notes, rosewater and a hint of lime. The body has less custard, more roses and ginger, and plenty of lemon. The finish is unchanged.

A great dram for a picnic.