64.77 - Sweet and astringent balance

9 years old, distilled 25th October 2006, 57.5% abv, first-fill ex-bourbon barrel, 180 bottles

SMWS 64.77 - Sweet and astringent balanceThe nose has custard cream centres, then a soft background of fruits - green apples, oranges, lemons... The mouthfeel is thin, with a little cling. The body has vanilla, pine sawdust, honey and hints of pineapple. The finish is soft and gentle, and has bananas, pineapple juice and vanilla.

Water brings out tight, expanding whorling that settles into brief mottling. The nose now gains more lemon and loses the vanilla. The body has gained thyme and hints flying saucers. The finish is much the same.

A dram for watching cricket...