66.59 - "Nieve de Leche Quemada"

12 years old, distilled 26th November 2001, 57.4% abv, refill ex-bourbon barrel, 237 bottles

The nose has light smoke, violets, lavender and a hint of lemon. The mouth-feel is light and clean. The body starts with lemon and toffee, then moves quickly towards wood smoke and a hint of ash. The finish is citrus sweet at first, then quickly moves into a lingering smoke note that borders on ashen.

Water provides rapidly expanding thick whorls. The nose now has a little more lavender, heading almost towards parma violets. The body has sweet smoke - new wood burning on a stove - with plenty of vanilla and a touch of lemon as it moves into the very smokey, ashen finish.

This whisky gets sweeter as it sits, providing a little more citrus alongside a big hit of smoke and vanilla throughout.

A great dram for the end of an evening, if you want smoke but no earth or meat.