66.71 - "An apothecary on a motorcycle"

12 years old, distilled 17th July 2002, 53.8% abv, refill ex-bourbon barrel, 217 bottles

DSC_0255The nose has mentholic notes, a very light smoke (a just extinguished summer campfire?), a little pine needle and some watch oil. The mouthfeel is thin, light and has very little cling. The body has fennel, menthol, pineapple and a little hint of slow-cooked pork. The finish has light smoke, a touch of menthol and a hint of vanilla.

Water brings out tightly packed whorling that vanishes quickly. The nose now has a little more pine needle, and the body has less fennel and menthol, gaining more vanilla. The finish is perhaps a little smokier - but not much.

A very nice dram for an autumnal walk.