7.130 - Musky, floral, sweet perfumes

25 years old, distilled 15th June 1990, 55.1% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 240 bottles

SMWS 7.130 - Musky, floral, sweet perfumesThe nose is fruity and succulent - apples, pears, plums, then a little floral note and some hints of incense candles. The mouthfeel is decent - smooth with a little cling. The body has more of the fruit, incense candles and bundles of twigs. It also has a little marzipan and tobacco towards the end. The finish has pears and marzipan.

Water brings out thick, spreading whorling that lingers for a short while. The nose now has less incense, more of the fruit notes. The body has lost the twigs, and gained a little more green apple. The finish is unchanged.

A decent dram for autumn lunchtimes in the outdoors.