7.152 - 'Deeply absorbed but at ease'

12 years old, distilled 22nd September 2003, 59.7% abv, First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 162 bottles

SMWS 7.152 - ' Deeply absorbed but at ease'The nose is quiet - tropical fruit salad and oak wood shavings. The mouthfeel is thin with a little cling. The body has fruit salad sweets, dried apricots and hints of cinnamon. The finish is quiet - hints of dried fruits, but nothing more.

Water brings out thick, rapidly expanding whorling that settles quickly into brief mottling. The nose gains a little coconut and cinnamon, less fruit salad. The oak remains. The body gains even more cinnamon, but loses the dried fruits. It's juicier, like fruit salad sweets. The finish is also juicier, but not long.

I suspect this needs more time to sit, as it's getting fruitier and juicier by the minute - sadly my dram is running out.

A superb summer's day whisky.