72.49 - Totally scrummy!

11 years old, distilled 23rd September 2004, 60.7% abv, First-Fill Ex-White Wine Hogshead, 264 bottles

SMWS 72.49 - Totally scummy!The nose has treacle, dark chocolate, ginger, and hints of red grapes. The mouthfeel is thin decent - smooth and a little cling. The body has ginger, raisins, and a hint of sweet tobacco. There's also a lot of burn from the alcohol. The finish is toffee and ginger.

Water brings out thick whorling that settles into decent mottling. The nose instantly gains more raisins and a little sweet tobacco, but loses the dark chocolate and treacle. The body has gained treacle, and lost the ginger and the burn is much reduced. The finish gains a little sultana.

This dram needs water, but is delicious. One to dribble over ice-cream perhaps?