9.101 - "A sweet treat"

11 years old, distilled 17th June 2003, 61.0% abv, first fill ex-bourbon barrel, 230 bottles

SMWS 9.101The nose is a little restrained - pineapple, golden syrup, fruit salad sweets, tobacco. The mouthfeel is thin with little cling. The body has fruit salad sweets, vanilla, Danish pastries, cinnamon, and a hint of banana. The finish is banana and pineapple chews.

Water brings out thin, long-lived but not very expanding whorling that settles into lasting mottling. The nose now has more vanilla, and no tobacco. The body has gained a little soft toffee note, and has less banana and other fruits. The finish is also bereft of banana, gaining vanilla as a replacement.

A decent dram for a summer's packed lunch - but don't add water!