9.116 - Boozy fruit trifle

20 years old, distilled 23rd April 1996, 61.0% abv, First-Fill Port Barrique, 234 bottles

SMWS 9.116 - Boozy fruit trifleDram price D

The nose has plum, apricot, red apple and fudge. The mouthfeel is thin with no cling. The body has toffee, plum, apricot and maple syrup. The body has maple syrup, cinder toffee, plum, red apple and a little hint of white grape. The finish is white grape and fudge.

Water brings out thick, compact whorling that lingers for a while as mottling. The nose gains more grape and loses the apricot. The body loses the cinder toffee, and gains a little cinnamon spice. The fruits remain, providing a very good balance. The finish also gains some cinnamon, but not too much.

A superb dram for a celebration.