9.135 - Timeless Allure

32 years old, distilled 28th November 1984, 44.7% abv, First Fill American Oak Pedro Ximinez Hogshead, 185 bottles, dram price I

SMWS 9.135 - Timeless allureThe nose has an initial hit of floral notes - violets and roses in particular. Then there's soft leather and soft, gooey caramel - and finally a hint of tea chests. The mouthfeel is thin, with some cling. The body has more of the violets, then caramel and tea chests and finally a hint of crystallised ginger. Beautifully balanced. The finish is short - violets and tea chests.

Water (a very small amount, 10 drops from a pipette!) brings out thick, compact whorling that doesn't spread and lingers for a while without mottling. The nose gains tea chests and some hints of peach, but loses nothing. The body has also gained hints of peach, and the tea chests and ginger become a smidgen louder. The finish lengthens a little, but the flavours remain the same.

A wonderfully balanced whisky - one for celebrations.

4.5/5 (Had it been a warmer season when tasting, it may have nudged a 5!)