C3.1 - A fragrant ramble

Extra Old, 50.9% abv, French Oak Barrel, 558 bottles

C3.1 - A fragrant rambleThe nose has a lot of oak initially, followed by cinnamon and nutmeg, then blackcurrant and a little sour apple. The mouthfeel is thin, smooth and has no cling. The body has linseed oil, blackcurrant, nutmeg, and hints of old oak furniture. The finish is short, with nutmeg and lemon.

Water brings out thick, short-lived whorling. The nose gains a floral note, and the sour apple is gone. The body has gained pink grapefruit and lemon juice. The finish gains a little oak.
An intriguing drink, but I have few points of reference for cognac. I'd drink it as a curiosity amongst whisky drinkers. The lack of score reflects an attempt at fairness, rather than lack of quality - this is a superb drink, the equal of many whiskies on this outturn.