G10.12 - Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts

39 years old, distilled 23rd November 1977, 57.9% abv, Second Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 67 bottles, dram price G

SMWS G10.12 - Chocolate-covered macadamia nutsThe nose has an initial blast of solvents and then settles into soft leather, perfume (lily of the valley), soft toffee and a hint of cedar wood. The mouthfeel is thin with some cling. The body has soft toffee, the same perfume note from the nose and some acetal hints. The finish is toffee and floral bouquets.

Water brings out thin, compact whorling that rapidly dissipates. The nose gains tobacco notes and loses the perfume. The body gains cedar wood, cinnamon and some tobacco, and loses the acetal hints. The finish loses some of the toffee and gains cedar wood and cinnamon - somewhat drying.

A very nice summer evening dram.