G4.16 - Mellifluous Contentment

35 years old, distilled 15th February 1982, 49.8% abv, Second Fill Ex-Sauternes Barrique, 216 bottles, dram price F

SMWS G4.16 - Mellifluous contentmentThe nose has a lovely sweetness - runny honey, lemon bon-bons, oak furniture and a hint of buttercups. The mouthfeel is thin with no cling - almost ephemeral in its lightness. The body has lemon, oak shavings, pear, pineapple juice and a hint of cinnamon. The finish is light - lemon, pineapple and cinnamon.

Water brings out compact, thin whorling that lingers briefly before dissipating. The nose doesn't change much - more of the oak and floral notes, less of the honey. The body has more pineapple and some hints of mango. The finish gains a little more citric zing, but is mostly unchanged.

A delightful summer's dram.