SMWS 1.183 - "A vibrant enigma"

48 years old, distilled 7th July 1965, 49.8% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 127 bottles

The nose has raisins, sultanas, Seville oranges and polished mahogany. The body has a decent mouth-feel - neither heavy nor light, and a little coating. Oranges, black tea and a little chocolate towards the back of the mouth, then a finish of polished wood.

Water gives thick slowly expanding whorling, which lasts a nice while - very pleasing to watch. The nose has lost the polished wood, and is much sweeter - oranges and satsumas. The black tea is now also present in the nose. The body has oranges and a hint of cherries, and there's dark chocolate and vanilla in the finish. There's still a lot of polished wood throughout, but it's more subdued.

A superb dram for its age, guaranteed to start conversation.