SMWS 123.10 - "Sweet treats on deck"

Glengoyne - a rare sight at the society, and thus sought after by many.

9 years old, distilled 4th May 2005, 57.6% abv, first-fill ex-bourbon barrel, 238 bottles

The nose is very closed - vanilla? Liquorice? A fresh plant note, as if opening a greenhouse door in summer? Perhaps, but it's all very faint. The body is more definite - vanilla, pear, butteriness, and a little liquorice towards the back of the mouth. The mouth-feel is dry and coating. The finish is short and has coconut vanilla.

After water (which provides small tight whorls that vanish immediately), the nose has more pear, and the body is likewise a little fruitier but hasn't really expanded much. The finish is a bit longer, but not much changed.

A bit one dimensional, but nothing about it is distinctly wrong - an average dram.