SMWS 41.60 - "Fun to chase"

25 years old, distilled 28th September 1988, 49.6% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 275 bottles

The nose is smooth but quiet - hints of butterscotch and stewed apples, gradually opening into caramel and banana skins. The body has tobacco, coconut, vanilla, turkish delight and lemon. The mouth-feel is succulent. The finish is vanilla, cinnamon, mango and a hint of tobacco.

After water (which whorls delightfully - thin, but lasts a long time) the nose has lime, worn rough leather (like the inside of a cowboy belt) and a touch of tobacco. The body has lost the tobacco, and gained a slight sherbet note. The finish is now very light - no tobacco, just mango and lemon.

A very light dram, probably for a starter. Or maybe instead of tea with your scones?