SMWS 4.199 - "Boy scouts and bikers"

14 years old, distilled 15th October 1999, 56.2% abv, first-fill ex-bourbon barrel, 148 bottles

The nose is ashes and herbs - an autumnal leaf bonfire and some rosemary and fennel. The body is quite light and thin in its mouth-feel, and brings ashes and rosemary with a sharp bit of smoke at the back, which leads nicely into a smokey finish.

Water brings out tight thin whorling, which doesn't last long. The nose becomes lighter and a little more briney. Some vanilla, aniseed balls and cinnamon, but the nose is now so quiet that it's quite a hunt to find it. The body is smoother in mouth-feel, but has lost the herbs and ash - just thin notes of aniseed and vanilla with a little brine. There's almost no finish at all.

Don't add water. But this would be a good dram for a hip flask...