SMWS 48.47 - "Style of the 70's"

11 years old, distilled 25th November 2002, 56.7% abv, first fill ex-bourbon barrel, 240 bottles

A fresh, clean nose with lime, apple juice and a hint of fennel. The body has plenty of vanilla, balanced nicely with the lime. There's also a little white pepper, but not much. The mouth-feel is light and thin. The finish is quick, with vanilla and pear - a pleasant surprise.

Water provides thick and short lived whorls. The nose is now enhanced with sherbet and peach, and the body has a lighter sweetness - melon before the white pepper. The finish is a little longer, with melon joining the party.

This is a fun, feisty dram that wants to play. Give it a hot summer's day and half an hour, and you'll forget your worries.