SMWS 48.51 - "Grapefruit, monkfish, manzanilla!"

My favourite of this outturn, if I'm honest. A very nice fruity dram, which suited the warm start to Autumn that we were having when I tried it. Sometimes it's not about depth and complexity - it's just about having a really satisfying experience, which this Balmenach delivers with grace.

13 years old, distilled 9th October 2000, 55.9% abv, first-fill ex-bourbon barrel

The nose is grapefruit and fabric softener - artificial grass scents. The body (which is velvety and soft in mouth-feel) is bananas, fabric softener, melon and a little tannin. The finish is sweet, long and more grapefruit and melon.
After water (which whorls pleasantly, thick and lasting) the nose has a bit of mustiness as well as the fruit. The body is slightly savoury, and the finish is unchanged.

A lovely sweet whisky.