SMWS 53.216 - "BBQ in pine-clad dunes"

21 years old, distilled 13th July 1993, 60.6% abv, refill ex-sherry butt, 597 bottles

The nose hits you immediately with sweet smoke and pine needles, then slightly meaty and herbal hints at the end. The mouth-feel is thin and light, with no cling. The body has bonfire smoke, vanilla, smoked ham, fennel and oregano. The finish is ashen, big and lasting.
Water creates thick, quickly dissipating whorls. The nose now has less pine, and more smoke - but the herbal notes remain, and are more distinct (matching the body). The body has more ashen notes - less meat, but as with the nose the herbs remain. The finish is now huge, with fennel and rosemary followed by ash from a barbecue - hints of cooked meat in piles of ash!

A superb dram to end the evening on.