SMWS 5.41 - "Vibrant, lively and zingy"

An excellent light dram, which turned up six months too late in the year in my opinion...

13 years old, distilled 11th October 2000, 56.2% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 99 bottles

A grassy, zesty nose with fudge and lemon, plenty of promise. There's also a slight mustiness underneath. The body delivers on that promise - sherbet, lemon, green apples and toffee. It's sharp and thin in mouth-feel. The finish is quick, comprised of lemon and vanilla.

After water - which gives tight, thin whorling - the nose has more mustiness and less fruit. Pears and mangoes also appear. The body is less sherbet and more fruit - lime and apple. The finish remains short, but has gained a little toffee.

A decent dram for a spring morning.