SMWS 73.68 - "Summer landscape with woods"

16 years old, distilled 29th May 1998, 55.6% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 232 bottles

The nose has sweet light notes - oak shavings, cinnamon, light citrus. The body has sweet vanilla, cinnamon and citrus, with a little apricot. The mouth-feel is thin, but lingers. The finish is sweet vanilla and icing sugar.
After water (which produces thin but tight whorls, which last a decent while), the nose has a little more lemon than oak. The body has less apricot and more citrus - lemon, lime - more cinnamon and some soft toffee. The finish has some less icing sugar and more cinnamon with the vanilla.

A superb light dram for before a meal. Or with an ice-cream dessert!