SMWS 93.62 - "Ciao Bella and the Blacksmith"

This is my favourite of the malts in the list - a wonderful dram, which really evoked memories and discussions.

14 years old, distilled 31st July 1999, 61.2% abv, refill ex-bourbon barrel, 214 bottles

The nose is curious - leather, crisp smoke and freshly picked tomatoes and machine oil. The body has a thin but very coating mouth-feel, with a little saltiness and plenty more machine oil and vanilla. No spice, no fruit - just oil and salt and oak. Like a harbour! The finish is more machine oil and saltiness.

After water (which whorls thickly and lingers superbly) the nose loses the tomatoes and leather, and gains more fishy notes. The body is still oily, but has less salt and vanilla - more machine oil! The finish also lacks the saltiness, but theres tungsten oil aplenty.

This is an engineers dram. If you grew up with meccano, like to tinker with engines, and have a penchant for steam then this is your ideal tipple.