SMWS 9.92 - "Perfect balance of sweetness and spice"

23 years old, distilled 5th July 1990, 54.4% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 233 bottles

Butterscotch, black tea, apples and a hint of fennel on the nose. The body has plenty of fruit - melon, lemon, conference pears. The mouth-feel is quite full. The finish starts with sweet tobacco, and moves towards a slight mentholic note.

After water (which whorls nicely - broad thick patterns that last a while) the nose has more of the herbal garden to it - thyme joins the fennel, and a hint of basil. The body opens up with gooseberry and grapes, and the finish gains a little liquorice.

A great dram for just before lunch. (Assuming your morning meetings were as per usual, that is.)