SMWS 9.99 - "A fairground attraction"

10 years old, distilled 17th June 2003, 61.0% abv, first fill ex-bourbon barrel, 212 bottles

The nose has peaches and tannins - a touch of leather and a lot of vanilla. The body is a little warm, with hot cross buns and soft toffee. It’s not hot, but it is spicy - hints of pepper. The mouth-feel is thin. The finish is sweet - vanilla ice-cream and toffee.

After water (which whorls tightly, and lingers for a while) the nose has a bit more pepper and less leather - the peaches remain, but are quieter. The body is toffee and now has a touch of pepper, alongside cinnamon and cracked vanilla pods. The finish is unchanged.

A great dram for the end of a cold autumn’s day.