SMWS G7.7 - "Old codger with a jammy dodger"

30 years old, distilled 28th May 1984, 59.4% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 311 bottles

The nose has vanilla, honey and cinnamon. Very sweet - it reminds me slightly of honey-flavoured throat lozenges. There’s also a tiny hint of liquorice. The body is vanilla pods, custard creams, liquorice, and maple syrup. The mouth-feel is sharp and clean. The finish is liquorice and a hint of menthol.

After water (which produces small, tight whorling that fades quickly) the nose has gained a little raspberry jam. The body now has no liquorice, instead it’s the vanilla notes and shortbread - smooth and sugary. The liquorice returns towards the end of the finish - which now has far less mentholic notes.

This is a masterclass in bourbon maturation. Buy a bottle and I’ll come round and drink it for with you.