SMWS G8.4 - "Summer meadow hoedown"

25 years old, distilled 12th June 1989, 59.9% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 275 bottles

The nose has glossy magazines, then sultanas and banana bread. There’s also a citrus note, and as the glossy magazines fade they’re replaced by floral scented fabric conditioner. The body has more lemon, with cinnamon and golden syrup - and a hint of chilli. The finish is quick and clean, with vanilla.

After water (which whorls thin and quickly) the nose has much more fruit - satsumas, mandarins, lemons. There’s also a very nice floral note - orange blossoms? The body has softened considerably - the chilli is rounder, the golden syrup is more noticeable, the banana bread from the nose has arrived. The finish is no longer, and now a soft vanilla and cinnamon.

A very nice grain, to be put on a shelf until I visit you.