SMWS Outturn 295 - The Gathering

SMWS 16.47 - The Steeplejack's delightThe September outturn coincides with The Gathering, an annual event within the Society that will now be a rather more distanced affair, due to you-know-what.

In terms of whisky it has resulted in a rather nutty Longmorn, which was re-racked into a PX cask and has become something of a nut bomb. If you like sherried whiskies - and nuts - then this is going to be your pick of the list. It is not, however, mine. It’s not bad, but I just don’t like nuts that much. I’m more of a sherbet man...

So what was my favourite? Well, the pick of the list is the Glenturret. It’s dirty, peated whisky with an adorable sweetness. And water just made it better. Simply superb, and I’d like multiple bottles.

Worthy not only of a bottle but a whole paragraph to itself is the quite remarkable Auchentoshan, which spent 28 years in a refill cask and managed to come out at a belting 61.1% abv. Normally that indicates something might have gone wrong, but not here - it’s got fruits, ginger and nutmeg but very little heat. It’s a fine dram that proves that the figures don’t tell the whole story.

That’s it for my picks of this list. I’m seeing some buzz around the Caol Ila online, but I won’t be standing in anyone’s way for it. It’s competent, and deserving of a high score, but not my style. Stand between me and the Caol Ila, and I’ll just drink something else. Stand between me and the Glenturret, however, and we have a problem...

As usual Matt will have the other half of the list over at The Dramble - we managed to get our schedules to coincide, and it’s always a pleasure dramming with him. We managed to swap a few drams to nose, and I think this list has some winners on his side too!