Cyphers Clubhouse Ruin

Cyphers Clubhouse Ruin

Ruined by a fire, this is now luxury housing. Once, people watched the gentle crack of leather upon willow here on warm days, politely clapping as the day draws on.
I know which I prefer.

Slight Reflections

Slight Reflections

Reflections on a 60's office block, now long derelict despite being in the packed City of London.

It was a throwaway shot when I took it, but there's something about the texture that I really like about this shot.

Lighting the Forbidding

An awful title, but a photograph I just like.

Lighting The Forbidding

This building - on the north side of London Bridge - always seemed grim and forbidding to me. This shot was taken whilst walking around with a new lens, and so was more of a snapshot than anything else.

It's not perfectly aligned, but the lighting made this building much more palatable.

I believe this building is now gone, so I thought it was about time someone memorialised it. I doubt anyone else has a decent photo of it!

Against The Flow

Against The Flow

I really liked this when I saw it. It's down to multiple factors... The fact that the angle of shadows from other buildings line up with this one - down in the lower left hand corner, and on the sign in the lower right hand corner. A lovely synchronicity there. The lovely blue sky, which peeks through both the trees and a few holes in the building itself - yet more synchronicity. And then that's all contradicted by the way that the staircase (if that's what it is) goes against all the other angles of the building. As if the building itself is railing against the synchronicities that caught me so.

After some time trying to think about what it was that kept drawing me back to this photograph, I realised it was all about those angles, and the way they played with everything else going on right at that point in time.

And I'm just a sucker for angles.

Senate House

Senate House

Senate House on a bright December morning.

Sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time with a camera...

Tower Bridge at Sunrise

I went into London before sunrise, looking for good photos.

(Which sounds impressive, but it was December 29th, and sunrise was about 8am!)

Knowing that the sun rises behind Tower Bridge, I smelled an easy photo opportunity. But woe is me - I can't decide which one I like better!

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