Bibble 5 Pro

Shadows In The Fire

This was a test shot for a new lens.

Shadows In The Fire

It turns out that if you want to buy a new lens, you should do it in autumn. You get some really nice things to take photos of...

Tower Bridge at Sunrise

I went into London before sunrise, looking for good photos.

(Which sounds impressive, but it was December 29th, and sunrise was about 8am!)

Knowing that the sun rises behind Tower Bridge, I smelled an easy photo opportunity. But woe is me - I can't decide which one I like better!

Business Park Landscape

Business Park Landscape

It's been a year since I put up any photos online. So I wanted to put up one taken at around the time I stopped.

I took this one at Bridgend, in Wales. I'd just checked into the hotel for a wedding, and had an hour or so to kill - so I stepped out with my camera.

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