Courting Angels

Courting Angels

As always, I'm a sucker for a nice alignment, and the contrails follow the building's lines quite nicely. Combnie with some subtle reflections in the windows, and of course I'm going to find this to be the best photo of the day!

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

I had an idea for a project about "the invisibles" - about homeless people just being walked past, as though they didn't exist. This photo was taken for that project at London Bridge early in the morning, back in 2007.

Lighting the Forbidding

An awful title, but a photograph I just like.

Lighting The Forbidding

This building - on the north side of London Bridge - always seemed grim and forbidding to me. This shot was taken whilst walking around with a new lens, and so was more of a snapshot than anything else.

It's not perfectly aligned, but the lighting made this building much more palatable.

I believe this building is now gone, so I thought it was about time someone memorialised it. I doubt anyone else has a decent photo of it!

Tower Bridge at Sunrise

I went into London before sunrise, looking for good photos.

(Which sounds impressive, but it was December 29th, and sunrise was about 8am!)

Knowing that the sun rises behind Tower Bridge, I smelled an easy photo opportunity. But woe is me - I can't decide which one I like better!

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