Street Scenes



I simply like the composition of the tree in front of the fire escape, and then all that 1960's office block behind it.

This scene is now gone, as that block was torn down in 2014. Walking the highwalk on it was a good way to spend lunchtime, but nothing lasts forever...

Through the Keyhole

Through the keyhole

A quick shot of a water stop cock access, which has lost its covering plate.

Well, with "cock" and "access" in the Google cache, this should be a popular page...

As it stands, I like this shot due to its pleasant geometric alignments, and the sodding big keyhole in the middle. A very pleasing arrangement.

Street Reflections

I like light dappling things.

Street Reflections

I have a version of this which doesn't have a person in it. I'm not quite sure which one I prefer, but my gut went with this one...

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