A retrospective on 15 years

On the 3rd July in 2001, I registered some domain names and signed up for a hosting package.
They were all vanity domains - just my name in different tld's (.com, .net, .org, and so forth).
About a week after that, a website was on this domain.
That was my second website. I actually thought it was my first, but when writing this I went back to some old diaries to verify the dates - and I found that I'd completely forgotten about an older web presence that I hosted on my ISP's free web space.

Expiration of an old domain...

Way back in 2005, at about three in the afternoon on the 6th of January, I registered a domain.

That domain was, and I was going to use it for blogging. (I picked the name because I wasn't sure I'd be able to have a rapid rate of updates.)

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