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Exchange 2010 from a Domino Administrator's viewpoint

A braindump of each day of the course is nice, but I'd like to tie it all up with a nice summary, so that I can move on and use this website for something more interesting than work...

From a Domino Administrator's point of view, Exchange 2010 is the best version of Exchange yet.

It has to be looked at from a viewpoint of "just mail", of course.

Exchange 2010 Course Reactions - Day 3 of 5

Day three of learning about Exchange 2010, from a Notes & older Exchange viewpoint.

The mail routing is fairly simple, which is good. An improvement over some (very old) previous versions...

Message tracking logs
Wait... Useful logs from Microsoft?
I was stunned.
Useful logs that are in a usable text format, rather than some odd binary format?

Exchange 2010 Course Reactions - Day 2 of 5

And my thoughts from day two of the course...

Exchange Control Panel
It's a sort of web admin light.
It's more oriented towards user and group admin, and could be handy. It also exposes itself via the user's settings in Outlook Web Access, so can be used to delegate control of groups to users.

On the one hand, I was doing this in Domino back in 2004 (with Domino 6.5), and I wasn't exactly pushing the boundaries... On the other hand, I can see why this would be very handy, and late is better than never.

Exchange 2010 Course Reactions - Day 1 of 5

I last used Exchange Server in a production environment on the 2003 SMB server, but really most of my experience is with Exchange 4.0, 5.5. and 2000 in Enterprises.

Why so old? Because back then, it was pretty awful compared to Notes. So I picked Notes, which gave me over a decade of work. Not a bad choice, I think...

Anyway, here's the first reactions to the course.

So many prerequisites!

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