SMWS Outturn 266

SMWS June 2018 Mid-Month Releases

SMWS 3.310 - A marooned wordsmithThe June mid-month release is an opportunity to restock on the peated drams... As seems to be the new normal the preview tastings were divided between myself and Matt at The Dramble, and this time I seem to have drawn a somewhat peated hand! Although there are only six previews, we both got to produce tasting notes for the Bruichladdich - I'm looking forward to comparing them, as I can assure you we don't see each other's notes ahead of publishing!

Before we get to the peat, there's a good Bushmills that delivers plenty of fruit and roses.

A rather less peated Bruichladdich is in the oily and coastal category, probably because the peat comes out as dry dusty earthiness. But there's plenty of fruit and vinegar in there too, making it a true chimera and a joy to drink.

If the Bruichladdich is light in is peating, so is the first of the peated whiskies - an excellent Ardmore that has glazed ham, cough medicine and hints of smoke. But the real gem is the Bowmore, which balances pink wafers and lavender with earthiness.

These are true summer peatings - lighter and sweeter, and quite enticing in the warm weather.

There's nothing here that plumbs the depths of peat, and I'm sure some will complain about that. But not me. I'm wondering which beach I can drink these on...


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