Bus Station - 20 years of Big Issue

It's been 20 years of the Big Issue.

So when I was trying to pick a short story to publish this week, it had to be Bus Station.

It's a story that comes from a writing prompt:
Taken from a Writer's Cafe writing prompt...
Character: Mack Till
Setting: Bus station

I chose not to use the name in the story, and up until writing this "Behind The Keyboard" I had forgotten that the character had a name. Which is somewhat relevant...


Sometimes I prefer fiction to fact... (The Incompetent Co-Worker)

It was past time to put up some fiction, I think.

I've started with a short story called "The Incompetent Co-Worker".

Much of my short fiction is written on the train to work. I fire up Writer's Cafe, plug through a couple of writing prompts until I have one I feel like doing, and then start writing.

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