I am the first to set foot on it in all humanity.
Well, I say set foot on it.
In it would be more accurate.


If the earth is a blue marble, then EM4 is just a blue ball. A giant, blue ball.
Gravity is slightly higher than earth, and the surface is about half a foot deep. And the surface practically gaurantees death. But I feel we have to do this as a race - we have to walk on this planet, after all we've done.


We? Who am I kidding. I.

Captain's Duty

The Captain reclined in her cradle, reviewing her status.


Whatever the Mote of Dust had hit, it was big enough to cause serious damage.


No matter. What had happened could not be changed. The Captain was more concerned with the present. Almost all of the passengers and crew were on the lifeboats now. She reviewed the lists that Mote had spat out at her. Two unaccounted for, which was pretty good. And one of those she felt confident she could find - confident enough to leave it until the last lifeboat, at least.


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