Exchange 2010 Course Reactions - Day 5 of 5

A smorgasbord of topics on the final day...

(Apologies for the delayed write-up - I had a busy social weekend.)

We need an Enterprise CAL to journal individuals? Really?
Otherwise, it seems OK if basic - you simply get a copy sent to another mailbox as well. No hassle for the user at all...

Multi-mailbox Search
Easy to enable, easy to do searches - although dependent on the web-based Exchange Control Panel, so via the web only.
Remind me to hide this from the Compliance/Security/HR, as they'll no doubt bring servers to their knees with this feature!

Retention Tags and Policies
A rather nice way of tagging content to say both how long and why you're keeping something, as well as what should happen once the retention period is reached.
Tags are managed by the administrators, and you can set up a "managed folder" which you assign users to - the user then gets the folder automatically, and anything in that folder gets the retention policy applied.
The system can also autotag new mails - it looks at your old tags and figures out which ones to apply. We didn't see this in action, as you need 500 tagged messages for it to work!
That high threshold for enabling it and the fact that you can't assign tags via Hub Transport rules means that this feature will probably be doomed to obscurity.

Personal Archives
Requires an Entreprise CAL!
As shipped, archiving is to the same mailbox anyway - post SP1, it can be to another mailbox or to the cloud.

I knew that already - every upgrade path presented seems to require building a new shadow infrastructure and migrating. This still astonishes me.

RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
Exchange now has a comprehensive list of things that can be delegated to local or helpdesk staff, and allows reasonably granular control over this.
Some groups are provided by default, but not all the roles you may want are assigned to them - probably a good thing, as permissions should not be granted by default! Worth remembering if you're going to use it though...

A performance analyser, but not much else. Apparently we should all use SCOM - can you guess who sells that product?


I've had some time to think about what I've seen, and will probably be putting up a "first impressions" style entry shortly.