Exchange 2010 from a Domino Administrator's viewpoint

A braindump of each day of the course is nice, but I'd like to tie it all up with a nice summary, so that I can move on and use this website for something more interesting than work...

From a Domino Administrator's point of view, Exchange 2010 is the best version of Exchange yet.

It has to be looked at from a viewpoint of "just mail", of course.

But from that viewpoint, it has solved many problems. Its high availability features are excellent. It takes great pains to make it very difficult to lose data. Its general architecture, whilst heavy on Windows licenses, is sound.

Nothing is perfect. But Exchange is, at its core, at least as good for email as Domino is - maybe better. It depends on your exact needs.

Some parts are bad. I was also distressed to see that features had been dropped from previous versions of Exchange, or were being changed within service packs - so I still have a bit of that "not a consistent platform in the long term" feeling I've always had about Exchange. But those were minor features at the edges, not core ones.

I could waste time saying what Domino would need to improve to compete against Exchange, but I doubt IBM will be listening and I want to keep this short.

I've been avoiding Exchange for years, for a variety of reasons. I've even been known to change jobs because Exchange was on the cards. But Exchange 2010 is the first version that I feel happy to work with.

It took fifteen years for Microsoft to deliver something that I could say that about. But I'm picky. So if it's good enough for me, I'd say that makes it pretty good.