Bus Station

I sit at the bus station, hovering at the border of unconsciousness. I'm so hungry, so tired. I can't afford to pass out though - I'll miss my chance.

Hopefully these cramps will pass.

I grip the ticket a little tighter, trying to pull myself together by focusing on it, until there's nothing else in the world but my ticket at the end of a dark tunnel.

My ticket out of here.

Pain from the cramps again.

I look up at the clock. Two hours until the bus leaves.

Bristol. That's where I'm going.


I like taking photographs.

The ones I publish here are usually linked from Flickr, but get extra discussion and/or background.

Of course, you realise this means Food, right?

Business Park Landscape

Business Park Landscape

It's been a year since I put up any photos online. So I wanted to put up one taken at around the time I stopped.

I took this one at Bridgend, in Wales. I'd just checked into the hotel for a wedding, and had an hour or so to kill - so I stepped out with my camera.

Happy 20th Birthday Linux

Linux is 20 today, give or take.

Actually, it's the 20th anniversary of the announcement of Linux. It was, by then, about three to four months old - but existed only on Linus Torvald's hard disk.


What if that hard disk had died?


Personally, if Linux didn't exist, I'd still be struggling with the mess that is Windows. Or I'd have switched to the Mac already.


I've had blogs.

Before social networking, blogs were places for all thoughts; now they're just where we place longer thoughts.

Here are mine.

Short Stories

I have a small collection of short stories, often formed from writing prompts, sometimes just written on themes that pop into my head.

They're kind of like practice writing.

When I think they're worth publishing, they end up here...


I am the first to set foot on it in all humanity.
Well, I say set foot on it.
In it would be more accurate.


If the earth is a blue marble, then EM4 is just a blue ball. A giant, blue ball.
Gravity is slightly higher than earth, and the surface is about half a foot deep. And the surface practically gaurantees death. But I feel we have to do this as a race - we have to walk on this planet, after all we've done.


We? Who am I kidding. I.

Happy Birthday IBM PC - still with us (just!)

Happy Birthday, IBM PC! 30 today!


And haven't you done well? A lot better than MS-DOS did, anyway...


I measure that by your legacy. This netbook I'm typing on - and my desktop machine - are still shaped by decisions in your design. From the CPU's ISA to the I/O systems to the fact that the keyboard has a Scroll Lock key on it...
Oh, wait, my netbook doesn't have a Scroll Lock key on it. But it does have Sys Rq, which I think I used once many years ago on a 286 machine.



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