Reasons to like the Barbican

I enjoyed a very nice stroll around the Barbican at lunch today.


One of the reasons I really like walking around there is that it separates you from road traffic. It's not just the much lower level of noise, but also the fact that nothing apart from joggers is moving much faster than you. That makes it feel much more serene. It encourages you to slow down and relax.

It also helps that the architecture is fascinating. And that, slowly but surely, you begin to find interesting touches that suddenly jump out around you.


I started wandering around the Barbican in 2006. Every time, I found something new to marvel at. But even the Barbican, marvellous as it is, can't keep up such a pace.

Yet today, some six years after starting, I found TWO more things!

I won't tell you what they were. I think that the Barbican should be explored and discovered by all, at their own pace.

But still, this is pretty remarkable. Six years after I first started, I'm still finding new things in (or near) familiar places.


That's the Barbican for you.


I'd like to offer you a photograph of the Barbican to go with this observation.

Some day, I may even finish taking photos of it, and oblige.

Some day.