vCardSplit splits vCards.

For some strange reason, many programs will happily export all your contacts into one big file, but then only import the first vCard from a file. If that happens, you need something to split those files - you need vCardSplit!

It splits vCard files. It does nothing else, and never will.

It's absolutely free to download and use, and always will be. There are no adverts, spyware or other junk - not even an installer! It's just a single file. It will run on any version of Windows from XP onwards.

Download vCardSplit here.

Here's a quick tutorial video on how to use it (best to make this full screen when watching it):

vCardSplit used to be a console program only - these days it's now got a fancy graphical interface. If you need the old CLI version, you can download it here: vCardSplit-cli.exe.

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