SMWS Grain Week

Late May was Grain Week at the SMWS. (Yes, this is very late. Sorry.)

The SMWS has always had a progressive streak - despite their name, they've also bottled Irish, Japanese and Welsh malts in the past.

Several years ago, they started bottling grain. This annoyed the traditionalists no end, but has kept me happy and my bank account empty for a while now...

So here we go - ten grains, eight of which were brand new. How could I resist?



Not much to say about this one. Saw it, had to grab a photo of it... It is, and always will be, bull.



Whilst in a rather damp Wales (Nant-y-derry), I found this nice little scene.

Three things related to the title Transport in this photo. Can you find them all?

Street Reflections

I like light dappling things.

Street Reflections

I have a version of this which doesn't have a person in it. I'm not quite sure which one I prefer, but my gut went with this one...

Blue Trees

Blue trees.

Yes, someone really did paint these trees blue.

Blue Trees

No idea why, and my current theory is that people are crazy.

Wasted Neurons Wednesday - CTL3DV2.DLL and DLL hell

In the beginning, Windows was remarkably flat.
Visually, that is.
It was hard to tell what could or couldn't be clicked on, as the screen lacked visual clues to help guide you. This was a particular problem for buttons, toolbars and other controls.
(I could insert a snarky comment here about repeating the mistakes of history...)

Then came CTL3DV2.DLL.
It changed everything.

Windows 3.0 was the first version to get some real 3D going, and Windows 3.1 continued the trend.


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