SMWS Outturn 313 - Flavour in Bloom

SMWS 16.63 - Smoking Cigars with Sumatra WrappersAfter what feels like an age, we can do previews again!

Sadly myself and Matt can’t make the same day, and it looks like due to logistical vagaries I may have a couple more than him...

It’s a solid list with some drams I really enjoyed, but there’s only one bottling I want more than one bottle of - the Glenturret. It’s a peaty glory that shows Islay has no monopoly on the style.

There are a few I’d like a bottle of. The Glen Spey was a delight that will be even better in summer warmth, the Glentauchers had a very similar effect. The Croftengea is another peated mainlander that didn’t quite excite me as much as the Glenturret.

As honourable mentions I’d like to point out the Ardmore - which lost out simply due to spice increasing after water, and the Glen Moray - which had a great set of flavours held together in fine balance.

There’s also a bottling from distillery 150, but I can’t talk about that just yet... Nudge, nudge, wink wink...