SMWS Outturn 319 - All Together Now

SMWS 108.55 - Treasures of the SeaFinally circumstances allow a preview tasting, for both myself and Matt. When the whiskies were divided between us I found a new distillery, a corn whisky and an oddity on my list.

The Gathering will be happening in September, but those whiskies will be coming out separately and weren’t available for preview. That leaves a slightly smaller than expected list, but still some treats.

My favourite was not what I’d expected - the Allt a Bhainne. It’s lightly peated but has fruit, barbequed seafood and smoke in just the right proportions. I’d like more than one bottle.

A close second is the Auchroisk, which provides oranges, nuts and dark chocolate. I’d like a bottle.

There are a few I’d like another dram of, but I’d like to highlight the oddity that is the Ardmore. Matured in a peated cask, the peating is slight but it’s the chemical notes which make it a challenging but interesting whisky.

Overall a short but decent list, to tide us over until The Gathering bottlings arrive...

Matt reviewed the other half of the list, so if you don't see what you were looking for then try there...