SMWS Outturn 289 - Hop Into Spring

SMWS 128.9 - ElectrochemysteryThe March list has lots of decent drams without breaking the bank. Nothing above a G price, and lots of decent scores of 4/5 for very reasonably priced drams. There's also plenty of variety, with almost all flavour profiles represented.

The star of the list was the Penderyn, which is a lighter and sweeter dram than our usual casks from that distillery.

Also worth looking at are the Strathisla, which is easily mistaken for sherry if you haven't read the details. The Caol Ila is the best peated dram on the list.

This has been a short turnaround due to late deliveries, so I apologise for the lack of analysis - it was all I could do to get the tasting notes written and formatted... Sadly Matt couldn't make it this month, so no notes from him to link to.