SMWS 9.86 - "Sangria on the terrace"

16 years old, distilled 3rd April 1997, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 55.5% abv, 291 bottles
The nose is sweet and quite light, taking a while to open - peanut oil, vanilla ice-cream with caramel swirls and a hint of cinnamon. The body is toffee at first, then opens up to deliver cinnamon, vanilla and tea. It then brings dried fruits - raisins and sultanas - and moves towards oranges, lemons, limes, and peaches at the back of the body. It’s a fruit explosion! The mouthfeel is decent. The fruit explosion continues into the finish, which is a party of fruit and cinnamon.

About my phone(s)...

A long time ago, I reviewed my last Nokia phone. I concluded that it was good, and I'd miss it.

I moved on to an Android phone - a HTC Desire Z. I had that for eighteen months, and was very happy with it. And I meant to review it when I finished with it, but didn't get around to it because there was something nagging at my mind about just how I'd review it. There were a lot of thoughts to distill down, and I somehow couldn't find the right way to review it.

SMWS 36.68 - "Sweet and salty combo"

Second fill ex-bourbon hogshead, 21 years old, 50.7% abv, 29th October 1991, 229 bottles
A very restrained nose gives little away - hints of raspberry jam, but little else. The body thin and smooth, with lightly toasted white bread, butter and cinnamon. The finish is sweet and long, mostly vanilla.
After water, the nose has digestive biscuit. The body becomes tobacco and caramel - very smooth, somewhat intense. The finish is a little musty - old books and caramel.
A dram to drink with an ice-cream.

SMWS Grain Week

Late May was Grain Week at the SMWS. (Yes, this is very late. Sorry.)

The SMWS has always had a progressive streak - despite their name, they've also bottled Irish, Japanese and Welsh malts in the past.

Several years ago, they started bottling grain. This annoyed the traditionalists no end, but has kept me happy and my bank account empty for a while now...

So here we go - ten grains, eight of which were brand new. How could I resist?



Not much to say about this one. Saw it, had to grab a photo of it... It is, and always will be, bull.



Whilst in a rather damp Wales (Nant-y-derry), I found this nice little scene.

Three things related to the title Transport in this photo. Can you find them all?


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